Wellue O2Ring

The Wellue O2Ring continuously tracks your blood oxygen levels, pulse rate, and body motion.

  • COMFORTABLE SOFT RING SENSOR: The lightest, smallest ring sensor for continuous tracking, durable and adapt to most fingers.
  • DETAILED APP & PC REPORT: Free APP & PC software provides graphic report and trends of data, reviewing real-time data in APP dashboard. Unlimited sharing of PDF and CSV reports.
  • UNUSUAL DATA MARKING: If the SpO2 level is lower than the preset threshold and heart rate is lower or higher than the preset threshold, the device will mark it in the report.
  • UNLIMITED STORAGE IN APP: When the device is connected to the APP via Bluetooth, the data will be uploaded automatically. The built-in memory can store 4 groups of 10 hours of data on device.
  • RECHARGEABLE: The device runs automatically when you wear it, up to 16 hours for a full charge.
  • NOTE: It's not a medical device. This device is for Sports and Aviation use only and not intended for medical use.
  • It is suitable for customers with a finger perimeter of 2-3.2 inch, roughly the size of an adult's finger