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The most trusted smart ring.

Health tracking wrapped around your finger — track your sleep, activity and recovery in style. Sleek, comfortable, accurate. Oura Ring fits seamlessly into your life, all night and all day.

Do what's best for your body with three daily scores.

Sleep, Readiness, and Activity. Your scores tell you how your body feels and what your body needs, every second of every day. You'll know when you need more sleep, when you might be getting sick, when it's time to push yourself — and more — with a personalized experience on the Oura App.

Sleep tight with the industry leading sleep tracker.

Better health, brighter moods, more energy — it all starts with sleep. Wake up to in-depth analysis about your deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, blood oxygen levels, and more. Small adjustments to your daily routine can improve your sleep and transform how you feel.

Bring your fitness into focus.

Whether you’re running a marathon or running an errand, Oura tracks your movement, steps, heart rate, and recovery. Discover your ideal balance between activity and recovery to reach your personal fitness goals.

Know why you feel how you feel.

The Readiness Score provides a holistic picture of your health using over 20 biometric signals. Oura senses if you’re feeling refreshed or stressed, and tells you if today is a day to push yourself or take it easy. With our research-grade temperature sensors, it can even tell you when you might be getting sick — sometimes even before you know it.

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